Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally given on a particular anniversary year. Here are a list of the anniversaries and the traditional gifts given, to help you choose a perfect gift for that special person/couple.

Anniversary Year Gift Gift Ideas
First Anniversary Paper Love letter, plane ticket
Second Anniversary Cotton Bed linen, clothing
Thrid Anniversary Leather Shoes, briefcase, watch
Fourth Anniversary Linen Clothing, table linen
Fifth Anniversary Wood Bonsai tree, photoframe
Sixth Anniversary Iron Golf clubs, sculpture
Seventh Anniversary Copper or Wool Cashmere clothing
Eighth Anniversary Bronze Sculpture
Ninth Anniversary Pottery Coffee mug, plant pot
Tenth Anniversary Tin or Aluminium Number plate
Eleventh Anniversary Steel Key ring, cookware
Twelfth Anniversary Silk Lingerie, clothing, linen
Thirteenth Anniversary Lace Handkerchief, table cloth
Fourteenth Anniversary Ivory Bed linen, piano, paper
Fifteenth Anniversary Crystal Glasses, vase
Twentieth Anniversary China China, ornaments
Twenty Fifth Anniversary Silver Jewellery, photoframe
Thirtieth Anniversary Pearls Jewellery, photoframe
Thirty Fifth Anniversary Coral or Jade Cufflinks, scuba lessons
Fortieth Anniversary Rubies Jewellery, roses, wine
Forty Fifth Anniversary Sapphires Bombay Sapphire gin
Fiftieth Anniversary Gold Jewellery, watch, cds
Fifty Fifth Anniversary Emeralds Jewellery, clothing
Sixtieth Anniversary Diamonds Jewellery

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