Top Birthday Gifts

For Her

For the majority of women, to receive something on their birthday will mean so much, especially when someone she cares about has chosen it.

Top gifts that any girl would love on her birthday include the following:

  • Special weekend away – Book a surprise weekend break for her, this could be a romantic break or a fun weekend fun of activities.
  • Jewellery – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
  • Lingerie – Pick something tasteful yet sexy that you would love to see her in.
  • Pampering Session – A pampering session is something that everyone would love and makes a great treat.
  • Shopping Spree – A shopping spree is a brilliant gift especially if she is a “shopaholic”. However make sure you are prepared for a long day shopping.
  • Ladies watch – A girl can never have too many watches.
  • Flowers and Chocolates – Nothing will impress a woman more than a bouquet of roses or a range of exotic flowers and some nice luxury chocolates.
  • Hot air balloon ride – If the birthday girl has a head for heights then this is the perfect yet amazing gift for her.
  • A New Car – If you want to go for the extra special gift, a new car wouldn’t go a miss.
  • Perfume – Women love perfume, so with this gift you can’t go wrong especially if you choose her favourite perfume.

For Him

Men deserve just as much thought and consideration for their birthday just like women.

Top gifts ideas for men include the following:

  • Sports/Football Tickets – Buy tickets for him to see his favourite sport/team.
  • Male Grooming – Book a session at a men’s grooming centre for a facial, massage, shave or manicure.
  • Helicopter flight – If he doesn’t mind heights, why not take him on a helicopter flight around his favourite city?
  • Rally driving experience – This would definitely get his blood pumping
  • A personalised Champagne bottle – A delightful bottle of his favourite Champagne with a personalised label of your choice!
  • A Games console – If he loves his computer games, then a games console will make a great gift for him.
  • A fun weekend away – Whether you’re his mate, or partner book a weekend away to have some fun!
  • Jewellery – Who said diamonds are not for a boyfriend.
  • Gym Membership – To keep him looking like a mean, lean fit machine get him a gym membership
  • Personalised Gift – Whether it is from you or your kid(s), this is something they will cherish forever.

What NOT to get!

If you want to make a good impression for him or her, avoid the following at all costs…

  • No gift at all
  • Buying a gift in the wrong size
  • Don’t buy an ornament
    or souvenir
  • Don’t get the same gift as last year
  • Don’t buy household cleaning products
  • Socks
  • Cheap jewellery
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Slippers
  • Deodorant sprays

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