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Diamond is a mineral composed of pure carbon. It can be identified by its hardness and adamantine lustre.

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone of all time. Diamonds used for jewellery are graded on the basis of colour from blue-white to yellow. Grading also is done on the basis of purity, which varies from perfectly clear, extremely pure stones to those with many impurities and flaws. Diamond stones are weighed in carats. The hardness, brilliance, and sparkle of diamonds make them unsurpassed as gems.


Diamond is the birthstone of Aries (Ram): March 21 – April 19.

Wedding anniversary:

Diamond is the anniversary gemstone for the 30th and 60th year of marriage.

Healing ability:

Diamond has a great healing assistance for all brain diseases. It is beneficial for problems in stomach area and also strengthen the owner’s memory.

Spiritual power:

Diamonds give faith, purity, life, joy, innocence and repentance. They assist in developing concentration and in being straight-forward and honest.


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