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Pearls are an organic gem, created when an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre . It is a highly valued gem. The more perfect the shape of the pearl (spherical or drop like) and the deeper its lustre, the greater its value.

The best pearls are usually white, sometimes with a creamy or pinkish tinge, but may be tinted with yellow, green, blue, brown, or black. Black pearls, because of their rarity, are often highly valued.

Freshwater pearls occur in mussels, when foreign material, usually a sharp object or parasite, enters a mussel and cannot be expelled. To reduce irritation, the mollusk coats the intruder with the same secretion it uses for shell-building, nacre.

Pearls are not cut or polished like other gems. They are very soft and are injured by acids and heat; as organic products, they are subject to decay.


Pearl and cultured pearl along with alexandrite and moonstone are birthstones of Gemini (Twins): May 21 – June 21.

Wedding anniversary:

Freshwater Pearl is the anniversary gemstone for the 1st year of marriage, Pearl is the anniversary gemstone for the 12th and 30th year of marriage.

Healing ability:

Pearls eliminate emotional imbalances. They help one master the heart chakra, aid stomach, spleen, intestinal tract & ulcer problems.

Spiritual power:

Pearls symbolize Purity, Spiritual Transformation, Charity, Honesty, Wisdom and Integrity, all the best within us.



Peridot, also called precious olivine, is a gem-quality transparent green olivine. The crystals of peridot have a vitreous lustre and conchoidal fracture. Gem-quality olivine is a mineral that composes a lot of the earth’s mantel, the layer below the crust. It is also common in basalts on the moon.


Peridots along with sardonyx are birthstones of Leo (Lion): Jul 23 – Aug 22.

Wedding anniversary:

Peridot is the anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage.

Healing ability:

This beautiful stone is worn or carried for general healing purposes. Peridot increases strength & physical vitality. Peridot protects against nervousness and aids in healing hurt feelings. It helps liver & adrenal function. Peridot is also thought to protect lungs, sinuses, and wrists from illness and injury.

Spiritual power:

Peridot is used to help dreams become a reality. This very popular stone is believed to attract love. The deep green is suggested to attract wealth. Peridot calms a raging anger. It is also useful to dispel negative emotions, and it is believed to promote sleep when worn to bed.

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