How to determine your ring size?

Having chosen the ring that you want to buy, you need to know your ring size. Ring sizes are measured from A (being the smallest) to Z (The Largest). Ladies rings are available in sizes I to S and the men’s ring sizes from P to Z.

There are several ways to find out your ring size. The most accurate way is to visit your local Jeweller and have your finger measured by the specialist staff. If you are buying a ring for someone else, take in one of their rings that have a similar width band and style made. The bandwidth of your chosen ring will affect the size you need. A wide band may mean you need to order a larger size. The style of your ring can also affect the ring size.

Guide to determine your ring size

Wrap a piece of string or a strip of paper around your finger.

  • Mark the point where the two ends meet.
  • Measure the string or paper against a ruler to get the circumference of your finger.
  • Divide that by 3.14 to get the diameter of your finger.