What is gold?

What is Gold?


Gold is a rare metal found naturally in veins of siliceous rocks, alternatively if it is eroded in some way it may be found in the form of powder or nuggets or granules.

The quantity of gold in the earth’s crust is approximately 0.005 parts per million. This makes gold one of the ten most rarest elements in the crust of the earth.

It is believed by some that there are large quantities of gold found both dissolved in the sea and on the ocean bed, however there have been little advances in validating these claims let alone developing mining techniques.

Due to the scarcity and beauty of gold, it has been used to indicate wealth and power dating back to the earliest humans.

The metallic composition of gold means it is easily melted, carved, and manipulated into shapes, in addition it is not affected by moisture, solvents or everyday use. This reflects its common use by jewellers and artisans.

This precious metal is found dispersed around the world however it is found in larger quantities in South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Ontario, Hungry, California and Colorado.

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