53rd Birthday Gift for Men – LARGE 1969 English LARGE 5P Cufflinks – Genuine 1969 Coins – VERY LARGE COINS – OLD 5P COINS 23MM IN SIZE ***


1969 English Coin Cufflinks, 51St Birthday, Old Five Pence – Large 5P Coin
Note They Are The Old Large 5 Pence Coins – They Are Very Large- Perfect Gift As A 51St Birthday To Celebrate Being Born In 1969
Note They Are The Old Large 5P’S And Have A Size Of 23Mm. They Are Rare As It Was The First Year 5P Coins Were Issued In The Uk.


The 1969 English Cufflinks are handmade in Ireland with lots of love and affection. They are rare coins as it was the first year the ‘new money’ 5p coin was used in the UK. Really special gift for anyone born in 1969. *****Note these are large 5p coins, they are 23mm in diameter.**** ***PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE LARGER THAN THE CURRENT 5 PENCE PIECE. THESE ARE THE OLD LARGE 5P COINS**** 23mm
1969 English Coin Cufflinks, 50th Birthday, old five pence – LARGE 5P COIN
NOTE THEY ARE THE OLD LARGE 5 PENCE COINS – THEY ARE VERY LARGE- Perfect gift as a 51st Birthday to celebrate being born in 1969
***** Note they are the old large 5p’s and have a size of 23mm. *******They are rare as it was the first year 5p coins were issued in the UK.
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