Bracelet or Anklet Sea Turtle steel Hemp Bracelet Hawaiian Sea Turtle Bracelet


Lead pewter alloy
Hawaiian Style
Handmade Hemp Bracelet

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The meaning of the turtle mascot
  According to its culture and heritage to the present. Stuffed Animals It is another meaning. It will also lead to a windfall. Prosperity to the people and dwelling houses as well.
Tao Tao is too significant to health. Long life spans Strength endurance Commitment to the advancement and enhancement of wealth.
Tao is a sacred animal in connection with the gods and sacred.
It has been used turtle statue.
To promote the sacred to life and to avoid misfortunes and disasters.
This would provide the turtle sculpture is an important one for Feng Shui home desk.
Jewelry or a stick representing real turtle farming. Turtle longevity animals Therefore, placing a statue of a turtle in the house thereby.
Encourage older people lived in the house.
The sick patient is sick Young people have good fortune.
And child growth Meanwhile tortoises can also be used to disperse power by Pran Species Deathmatch.
By setting the turtle facing the south with various Pran Species Deathmatch.
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Lead pewter alloy
Hawaiian Style
Handmade Hemp Bracelet
Color: Black
Adjustable Cord – Fits Most Sizes