JewelryPalace Princess Diana William Kate Natural Peridot Amethyst Topaz Created Sapphire Emerald Ruby Engagement Halo Gemstone Ring 925 Sterling Silver

The 925 sterling silver is anti-allergic and does not disappear, it will be a long time to shine and’t darken or turn in which the only green not your fingers.
A high quality ring in pure silver 925 finely polished with a complimentary jewellery bag for wife, girlfriend you.
100% rhodium plated, all the jewelry with the sign of S925 Sterling Silver.



1.High quality of our jewelry is with precious stones, perfect in the execution, it can make you more elegant for any occasion.
2.Very suitable for everyday use.
3.A hand made crafts.
4.Should be cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a soft-bristled brush.
Lab Created Gemstones are grown using the same compositions as natural stone. The composition of the chemical hardness and precious stones of laboratory created are identical to their natural counterparts. They are éritables stone with low price. 925 Serling Silver.
Crafted in Solid Sterling Silver jewelry, stamped with S925, Artistic handcrafted with individual design leads to a versatile fashion atmosphere. From earrings to the bangle bracelet, JewelryPalace strives to offer the best jewelry products at a favorable price for worldwide customers.
Sterling silver made from 92.5% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add hardness and durability. Rhodium plating provides a long-lasting luster. Labeled as “S925” to make sure it isn’t just plated in silver. Strict health standards guarantee your daily wearing. JewelryPalace’s products are tarnish-free, nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free, which is not harmful to your health. Tarnish resistant and will not easily change color.
Comfortable and practical to wear every day,sweet and glittering, this style is an ideal considerate present for your friends and family members. Products exquisitely packaged with a velvet pouch. Looking forward to JewelryPalace’s new collection on a coming holiday or any other Anniversary, you could easily find your favorite gemstone jewelry either on Romantic Valentine’s day or a warm heartfelt Thanksgiving. Delicate design Jewelry varies will bring you happiness all year around.
3A cubic zirconia stone, excellent diamond level cut to great clarity. Have a diamonds sparkling and reflect rainbow gloss in the sunshine, showcasing elegance and romance of glitter of the gemstone.
JewelryPalace values each customer and endeavors to offer an excellent service during the purchase.