Spitfire Pin Badge — Gold Plated Fine English Pewter


Pewter – Gold Plated
Complete with Card with a brief history of the War on the reverse
Size: 3cm x 2.3cm approx

In stock.


The Supermarine Spitfire is the most famous British fighter aircraft of all time, designed by R.J. Mitchell, and based on his very fast, pre-war seaplane, the S6. The Spitfire MK1 was powered by a 1,030-hp Rolls Royce Merlin engine and had a top speed of 365 mph. It was armed with 8 x .303 Browning machine guns mounted in the wings, which proved very effective against both fighters and bombers. This highly detailed Spitfire model, measuring 5cm wide, is made from lead-free pewter and is supplied on a quality key-chain.
This is a highly detailed Supermarine Spitfire model in form of a pin badge.
It is hand made in Britain from gold plated lead-free fine english pewter.
Dimensions: approximately 3 x 2.5 cm.
Supplied with an informational card.
A great way to teach history.