Warranties for Watches

If you are buying a relatively expensive or quality watch find out what kind of warranty comes with the watch. A good warranty will repair any defects free of charge but this will be subject to conditions. Terms and conditions will vary from manufacturer and seller. Warranties from manufacturers like Rolex or Omega, apply when watches are purchased from authorised retailers as they have permission to sell them from the manufacturers.

Watches purchased from other retailers will not be covered by the manufacturers warranty for example pre-owned or antique watches. Some retailers may offer their own warranties to cover repairs to the products they sell. Don’t confuse these with manufacturer’s warranties as they are very different.

Warranty limitations

Warranties are in addition to your statutory rights. They will cover defective materials or workmanship but they will not cover watch straps, bracelets, wear and tear or customer damage. Some warranties only apply to the country in which the watch was purchased. So if you buy a watch on holiday ask if the watch will be covered by an international warranty. If not, think carefully before parting with your money. If the watch is covered, the watch will have to be sent to the manufacturers repair centre. Be warned, that by going to another repairer, your warranty will become void. Also find out the length of the warranty. Some manufacturers provide lifelong cover others offer between two and five years.

Watch Maintenance

The following steps will ensure your watch will be with you for a long time:

  • Temperature: Never leave your watch in extreme temperatures, hot or cold.
  • Magnets: Do not expose quartz watches to magnets.
  • Clean your watch: Clean your watch to remove sweat, dirt, and oil, regularly. With a soft cloth wipe the crystal, case and band. Remove any excess dirt from leather bands. Clean metal bands with soap, water, and a soft brush if needed.
  • Expert care: When gears need to be cleaned and maintained take your mechanical watch to a professional.
  • Professionals: For expensive watches makes like Rolex, Omega and Seiko have trained jewellers on high street stores to maintain them. The warranty will probably require you to use the specialist but check your warranty before any work is done.